PG may not have a beach, but the offshore cayes of the Toledo District are one of Belize's undiscovered gems! The waters teem with marine life instead of tourists (if you're unlucky you might come across one other boat), and make for wonderful snorkelling, as well as trolling, bottom fishing, and fly-fishing in these world-class waters.

Port Honduras Marine Reserve lies just north of Punta Gorda Town, and includes the Snake Cayes located on a fringe coral reef system. TIDE's work in protecting the Reserve has successfully reversed the decline in species, coral degredation, and the sea grass beds. You'll see fan, brain, and fire coral, sponges and crabs, lobster, and numerous fish, including grunts, parrot fish, trumpet fish, blue tang, snapper, angel fish, yellow-tail damsel fish, and many more!

West Snake Caye has a small powdery sand beach and shallow, crystal-clear water to the front side which is perfect for novice snorkellers, or snorkel off the boat in the deeper water at the back of  the island for some fabulous coral and fish.

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