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Cultural Night


Drumming is just one of the tangible elements of the Garifuna culture.

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Periodically, a talented, Garifuna youth group  or our friends at the Warasa Drum School join us at Hickatee Cottages for an hour of fun, drumming, dancing, singing and an introduction to the Garifuna culture. It's not a staged performance, much more of an 'audience participation' type affair - although there's no pressure to try your hand at drumming. 

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Garifuna music is filled with anecdotes and stories that provide a fascinating insight into the Garifuna culture – a culture which was little known outside of the region until recently, but one which is now recognized by UNESCO as a “masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity”.

Local drummers showcase the traditional Garifuna rhythms, singing, dancing, and perhaps give you a chance to master at least one of the six traditional Garifuna beats, breaking down the rhythms into easy learning stages.

The drums themselves are a labor of love, hollowed out from cedar, mahogany or yemeri logs, topped with deer skin held in place by vines, and a wire or string snare to intensify the sound. 

Read more here to learn more. 

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