Belize is comprised of 8,867 square miles and over 50% of the country is classified as protected lands. This in itself lends to ample birding and wildlife. Belize is home to over 600 species of birds, which is a birding paradise!

Even better, Southern Belize provides birds and wildlife with a vast ecosystem from the lush rainforests to the Maya Mountains and reef system, which in turn is the most optimal location for birdwatching! 

Surrounding Hickatee Cottages, we have 60 acres of private protected area which offers an opportunity to new species identification. Just in September 2018, a rare species, the Speckled Mourner, was swooping through the property (center picture below, photo credit: Jorge Eduardo Ruano)


Check out e-bird.org and read about the 200 species already logged at our location "Hickatee Cottages and Boom Creek Road"!


Come stay with us to explore our lands and the surrounding Toledo District! Perhaps you'll identify a few new species!

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