memorable, comfortable, affordable ... Punta Gorda, Toledo, Belize

What's Belize?

Hickatee Cottages is the fulfilment of a long-standing dream for Ian and Kate Morton. They discovered Belize after they first met in San Francisco at the start of a six-week 'Green Tortoise' bus journey through Mexico. When Ian asked Kate at the end of that journey if she'd like to go to Belize with him, she asked "What's Belize?"

Thirteen years later, the British rat-race and the thrill of jobs in social housing and fund management lost their appeal and they, yet again, returned to Punta Gorda. There they found their ideal piece of land and set about indulging their hobbies -- entertaining, socialising, good food -- and their passion for gardening, and especially nature. The result is Hickatee Cottages.

Hickatee Cottages has been created with minimal impact to the environment, and maximum benefit to the community by using only local contractors, labour, suppliers, and tour operators. A small part of the land had been cleared several years before for small-scale farming, and it is only this area which has been re-developed for the Cottages and the farm. Read 'our philosophy' for more information on our responsible tourism efforts.

The lion's share of Hickatee Cottages is in its original natural state, with many large trees and lush vegetation, and is home to an array of wildlife -- including a troop of howler monkeys, toucans, hummingbirds, blue morpho butterflies, and very occasional sightings of a young jaguar!

"This is real jungle -- our first night was greeted by two jaguars screeching, and a chorus of monkeys chanting, all the while only one mile out of Punta Gorda. We cannot wait to return!"
                       Rick and Catherine, Ontario