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Ain't technology great?

December 2014: Our webhosts have decided to discontinue their webform gizmo without notice, added to which our internet  and phone service is still 'unstable' (the phone company is constructing a new tower which will be completed by the end of February 2015). We obviously can't continue to function like this so, after nine years of personal contact, we are having to move to online booking.

Until the new online booking system is up and running, please email us at for enquiries and reservations, or if you have submitted a webform recently but not heard back from us.

(You should add us as a safe sender -- we do sometimes experience problems with being rejected by, comcast and some other addresses. Sadly, this is something over which we have absolutely no control, but please accept our apologies. Barracuda isn't very fond of us either!)

You are welcome to try calling us on +(501) 662-4475, but there are times of the day when we will be away from the office making sure our guests are well looked after, so email is often the easiest method of contact.

To end on a positive note, snail mail in Belize is very reliable! Our postal address is Hickatee Cottages, PO Box 148, Ex-Servicemen Road, Punta Gorda, Toledo District, BELIZE.