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Ain't technology great?

We've had more than our fair share of technology problems for the past few months so, after nine years of personal contact, we are finally moving to online availability and booking. If you have any questions or special requests, or want to ask about the possibility of a one-night stay, then we are still at the end of an email address, but we hope the new online availability calendar will make things easier for you.

book itPlease click on the 'book now' button, which will take you through to a new page with our availability calendar, which then leads through to a payment page if you are ready to make a reservation. This isn't 'real-time' payment, so we will still be manually processing deposit payments but, internet permitting, you will receive confirmation of your reservation within 24 hours.

Safe sender...

If you do email us ( please make sure you add us as a safe sender! We are periodically blocked by and comcast, among others, when they decide that everyone hosted with 1&1 should pay the price for a few sending out spam. Google sometimes likes to treat our emails as spam and, come to think of it, Barracuda isn't very fond of us either!

You are welcome to try calling us on +(501) 662-4475, but there are times of the day when we will be away from the office making sure our guests are well looked after, so email is often the easiest method of contact.

To end on a positive note, snail mail in Belize is very reliable! Our postal address is Hickatee Cottages, PO Box 148, Ex-Servicemen Road, Punta Gorda, Toledo District, BELIZE.