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birding at Hickatee

Your verandah provides a great place for the armchair birdwatcher to view the many different species of birds in the area - from kingfishers at our small creek to toucans feeding in the trumpet trees, or the delightful hummingbirds darting around the hibiscus flowers. Many pleasant early-mornings have been spent on the deck of Charlie's Bar with a cup of coffee identifying the several different birds in the garden. Sightings include:

American pygmy kingfisher
Baltimore oriole
Band-tailed barbthroat
Bare-throated tiger heron
Black vulture
Black and white warbler
Black-cowled oriole
Black-faced grosbeak
Black-headed trogon
Blue ground dove
Blue-grey tanager
Brown jay
Brown-hooded parrot
Clay-coloured robin
Easter wood-pewee
Golden-fronted woodpecker
Golden-hooded tanager
Great kiskadee
Green-breasted mango
Grey catbird
Hooded warbler
Keel-billed toucan
Long-billed hermit
Magnificent frigatebird
Magnolia warbler
Melodious blackbird
Montezuma oropendola                                

Northern Waterthrush
Ochre-bellied flycatcher
Olive-throated parakeet
Painted bunting
Pale-billed woodpecker
Red-capped manakin
Red-lored parrot
Ruby-throated becard
Ruby-throated hummingbird
Ruddy ground-dove
Rufous-tailed hummingbird
Social flycatchers
Spot-breasted wren
Squirrel cuckoo
Striped-throated hermit
Thrushlike schiffornis
Variable seedeater
Violaceous trogon
Wedge-billed woodcreeper
White Hawk
White-bellied emerald
White-collared manakin
White-collared seedeater
White-necked jacobin
Yellow-bellied sapsucker
Yellow-billed cacique                                 

George Alford is one of the best birding guides in the Toledo District. During a former life as a TIDE ranger in Paynes Creek National Park he began practising bird calls, and now has dozens in his repertoire. He will single out bird calls from the general background jungle cacophony, and literally whistle the birds towards you!

Birds and breakfast
Start with coffee at 6am, 3 hours guided birding walk on the Hickatee trails, followed by your continental breakfast at Charlie's Bar. US$50 for up to 4 guests

"Birders will love the location, from the trails that start at the door step to the roadsides nearby. Try to book a birding trip with a local birder named George, even if you are not a birder, but especially if you are.. the guy is amazing."
Cliff, USA

For the more serious birdwatcher, a journey along Boom Creek Road (as Ex-Servicemen Road is commonly known) reveals yet more species - include the rare Ornate hawk-eagle. Click on the link to access the "Birds of Boom Creek Road" list (in Microsoft Excel format), kindly compiled for us by Lee Jones, author of "Birds of Belize". Many thanks Lee!

"A mile of jungle trails and excellent birding along Ex-Servicemen Road."
Carolyn, Belize

Regrettably, the Aguacaliente Wildlife Sanctuary is still closed, but there are still plenty of other places in the Toledo District for birders.

For more information on "Lu ha" - the Aguacaliente Wildlife Sanctuary - visit the ToucanTrail website and Jan Meerman's Biodiversity in Belize website